Taking cruise distribution online with eCommerce

Dreamlake offers a consumer-centric cruise distribution platform aimed at Travel agents, Cruise Specialists, Cruise Lines and more, aiming to radically increase online sales.


More than a booking platform

The Dreamlake Platform is all about boosting online cruise conversion by fulfilling the needs of prospective customers. After all, online is where most other vacations options are researched and booked these days. Why should cruising be any different?

To be successful, Dreamlake utilizes modern eCommerce principles throughout each and every stage of the customer journey. 


Clear calls to action

Clear choices and personalized calls to action guide consumers


Fast response times

Speed is crucial for online business conversion. The Dreamlake Platform is carefully crafted to be the fastest search engine of the cruise industry


Behavior feedback loop

We continuously monitor user behavior to optimize ease of navigation, conversion, and performance.


Relevant information

The Dreamlake Platform avoids communication overload and makes an effort to answer all potential consumer questions.


Intuitive search process

Want to find all cruises visiting Jamaica? Our powerful search engine is supported by carefully selected filters.



The Dreamlake Platform includes image and text content enticing both mind and heart.


Reach new target groups

Shipbuilding is booming and the increased capacity requires finding new target groups for the cruise industry. The challenge today is that the new-to-cruise customer journey typically end in confusion and frustration online.

The Dreamlake Platform resolves this problem by empowering consumers and removing the confusion. It will also expand your geographical market reach.


Platform Highlights

Easily implemented, fully responsive and efficient automatic processes. And it keeps getting better – the All Module based IT architecture enables constant optimization through new releases.


Platform Implementation

Link your existing website to a sub-domain or create an entirely new one around our platform with SEO optimized landing pages.


dynamic packaging

Let your customers search, compare and book cruises – and then dynamically build a package around it.



Scale your business with multiple language and currency support


agency Portal

Manage all your orders, create tour operating packages and analyze your business intelligence.


Promotion management

Assign cruise line promotions and your own custom campaigns to defined cruises in our platform.


Payment solutions

Seamless and automatic payment flow which is PSP compliant.


We are Dreamlake


The Dreamlake team has years of experience within travel, cruise, and e-commerce industries. We have joined forces to build the next generation of cruise distribution platforms using the latest Information Technology while adding our own twists and innovations along the way.